Gateway to the Mediterranean Boat Show

We are pleased to welcome you to the 2nd GATEWAY TO THE MEDITERRANEAN BOAT SHOW, which will be a considerable boost for Andalusia's marine tourism and commerce.


Benefits for exhibitors at the 2nd GATEWAY TO THE MEDITERRANEAN BOAT SHOW:

  • The most efficient and economical way of publicising your company
  • The buyers come to you already motivated, ready to listen, get information and buy.
  • Facilitates contact with a large number of potential customers in a very short time.
  • Gives access to other businesses and customers you would not normally have the chance to sell to..
  • Several simultaneous forms of marketing: advertising, sales promotions, person-to-person selling and PR, all of which increase the power of your message.
  • Get immediate feedback on product launches and improvements to existing products.

Effect as exhibitor (in Welcome other aspect)

Sponsors will benefit from their investment in promotional activities, not only during the show, but also before and after it.

In the show:

  • Jayma-type exhibitor tent, 5 x 5 metres.
  • Brand image linked to the 2nd GATEWAY TO THE MEDITERRANEAN BOAT SHOW.
  • Commercial presence, marketing and PR activities linked to the show..
  • Chance to broaden your customer portfolio and increase customer loyalty.
  • Inclusion in the show's publicity presentations, leaflets, etc.


  • Your logo on event posters (distributed throughout towns in the area, sailing and sports clubs and partner companies).
  • Ongoing references to your brand in news of the event on social media, handled by a community manager.
  • Publicity on the local media.
  • Mention on invitations, programmes and informative mailings to potential visitors.
  • Advertising on the show's website, with a direct link to your website.
  • A presence in the show's presentation dossier.
  • Invitations to events held by the organisers.

Request for

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